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Soulection Shows Out For Its 4 Year Anniversary

by Len Brown
Los Angeles record label/radio show/cultural platform Soulection has been the music world’s shining example of what can materialize when hard work, talent and a vision are all in unison. This…


Keith Haring: More Than Meets the EyeCon

His art is highly conspicuous, unmistakable even. In fact, you can’t turn a corner without seeing it in some form or fashion – on buildings, in museums, on cellphone covers…


Yamborghini Mercy: Remembering A$AP Yams

By Julie Dragland
This past Sunday, one year short of membership in the infamous 27 club, Steven Rodriguez, known professionally and to the world as A$AP Yams, was found dead in…


Seattle’s Sol Celebrates 3 Years of ‘Yours Truly’

By DJ Mackswell
It’s not often that we see artists who truly invest in their fans as they would in themselves. Sure, raw talent is everywhere and daily we’re given one-sided impressions…

Frank Ocean

Frank Ocean: Album Awaits, Legacy Talk Follows

By Ray Legendre
Artistic legacy is a slippery term to define in today’s age of album leaks and the 24/7 news cycle. Our ceaseless search for instant gratification has robbed us, in…

Phony ppl Mixologi

Yesterday’s Tomorrow Proves Phony Ppl Legit

By Ray Legendre
Five songs into its album release show at S.O.B.’s last week, Brooklyn-based soul/hip-hop sextet Phony Ppl paused while vocalist Elbee Thrie surveyed the crowded room before him. The…

Stella Santana


Things are coming together very nicely for Bay Area Native, Stella, who just debuted her “Teek” directed visuals for her new single, “Friends.” Loaded with nostalgic vocals and a unique…


Listen: The Internet x Kaytranada – “Girl”

by Len Brown
Soul band, The Internet, can easily be considered Odd Future’s most earthy collective with the brand of R&B they bring to the table. With two albums already under their belt,…


Frank Ocean’s Amazing Tribute to Aaliyah

In remembrance of what would have been Aaliyah’s 36’s birthday, Frank Ocean released a heartfelt rendition of the Princess of R&B’s 1994 cover of “At Your Best (You are Love).” The original…


Could 2015 Be The Year of the Dog…Again?

By Julie Dragland
Musically, 2015 has been off to a strong start. With an unannounced J Cole album dropping in late 2014, a heartfelt collaboration between Kanye West and Paul McCartney,…